Innovative Battlefield Medical Solutions

Bringing cutting-edge medical equipment for combat care, forged from Estonian innovation and Ukrainian frontline experience.

Our Products & Services

Discover our range of military-grade medical equipment designed for battlefield scenarios.


Field-tested Gear

Advanced Trauma Kits for frontline medics, ensuring critical care in combat zones.


Paramedic Collaboration

Field-tested Triage Systems to streamline emergency medical response in high-risk areas.


Innovative Technology

Specialized Emergency Breathing Apparatus to support respiratory function in tactical situations.

Empowering Battlefield Rescuers with Superior Gear

Our Story & Mission

Defonian, a progressive Estonian start-up born from the Garage48 Defence for Ukraine hackathon, specializes in military-grade medical equipment. Collaborating closely with Ukrainian paramedics, their products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of combat medical care.

Why Choose Defonian

At Defonian, we deliver advanced medical solutions born from collaboration and real-world experience.

Innovative Technology

Cutting-edge equipment developed through close collaboration with frontline medics for unmatched performance.

Battlefield Tested

Rigorously field-tested with the Estonian Defence League to ensure reliability and effectiveness in critical situations.

Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about our lifesaving medical equipment and professional service.

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